Sunday, June 21, 2009

alright; so this is numero cinco !

O5Comments :

- After seeing her for the first time after the encounter Diddy tells Xhbit lies about Yizzete.

- Diddy is very drunk & brings them to a gay bar.

- Ever since her seixures she has not been using drugs.

- She has been overindulging herself with alchol.

- She cries so much; this isnt her lifestyle she can not afford to live like this so she needs to stop trying to make this her life and just get on her two feet & support her and herself.

O4questons :

- Where is her son ? !

- Howw does she just do all of this & not stay home and raise her son ?

- Why doesnt she have the drive to have a better life for her and her son ?

- If she has a degree in nursing why doesnt she go get a job ?

O3Vocabulary Words :

- euphoria - a feeling of great joy.

- archive - collection of documents.

-gripe - to complain

O2Literary Terms :

"Out of the mud came a rose" - metaphor

O1Overveiw Sentence :
- She has hit rock bottom & needs to start working on herself.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

- The filming for the movie is over; she feels lonely.
- There is a new man in her life.
- The NBA legend she reffers to is Shaq.
- Shaq fully furnishes her home.
- Their relationship is really weird; & Shaq is veryy protective which makes her angry.

- What does she mean when she says each movie after would create a greater gap between them ?
- Who is papa ?
- Who is the NBA legend ?
- Is it Michael Jordan ?

O3Vocabulary words;
- enviable :
- adage :
- prowess :

O2Literary terms;
- "Vin must have smelled it, like an animal in the wild"
- "Big Budget"

O1Overveiw Sentence;
New man, new things. & more troubles with Shaq that will later on affect her.

fantasticqk four !

- She starred in the movie "A Man Apart"
- She wasnt allowed to date her co-stars, but I am sure that she will break that rule.
- She develops a crush on Vin Diesel, who is a co-star
- She breaks the rule with Vin Diesel
- She doesnt get caught from breaking the rule

- Where was her son all this time ?
- Was she even seeing him ?
- Why didnt she stop, to avoid her breaking the rule ?
- Will she get caught ?

O3Vocabulary words;
- splendor : magnificence
- chiseled : sharply defined
- pheromones : a hormone secreted by animals.

O2Literary Terms;
- "It was like a cobra, doing her dance of death, right before the strike of her venomous bite." ( comparison to her walk. )
- "With a very young lover: Belevedere Vodka"

O1Overveiw Sentence;
Although acting is providing her with good benefits and large amounts of money she is still falling back on sex, everywhere she goes

Friday, May 29, 2009

number O2 [ well O3 but O2 - if that makes sense. ]

5Comments :
- Charlene let this happen to Yizzete because she was scared as well.
- After all this Yizzete begins to skip school and take on the role of a bad kid in order to have a social relationship with her peers.
- She began to smoke and drink during the time where she was skipping school.
- Her mother set her out to be the bad person
- Yizzete runs away to be with a group of other run aways but gets caught.
4Questions :
- Why do others beleive herr mother is thee good person ?
- If Yizzete's mother dis - likes her so much why does she look for her when she runs away ?
- Is Yizzete prostituting ?
- Does she have any other family that may be able to help her ?
3Vocab :
- Lacerated ;to cut or gash the skin so that the wound is deep with irregular edges
- ravish ;to force somebody to engage in sexual intercourse
- emendated ;to correct or alter.
2Literary Terms :
O1overveiw sentence :
Yizzete continues to have difficulty at home & begins to play the role of a disobediant child.

Confessions of a Video Vixen

5Comments :
- Her first time going out may be her last due to the events that are taking place.
- She was getting a sense of comfort from the boys; which is never good for a young girl.
- She was taken to an abandoned house to be raped; but the neighbors heard her scream & went to call the cops.
- Even after the group escaped the police the leader Rodeney continued to look for another place.
- Rodney had already had a criminal record.
4Questions :
- Why did she continue to get in the car even though it's clearly not a safe situation.
- Why wasn't she thinking about how severe the consequences would be when she got caught ?
-What aboiut Charlene made Yizzet's mother trust her ?
- Why was Yizzete so comfortable with these people she hadnt known for even a day ?
3Vocabulary Words :
- deter : to discourage somebody from taking action or prevent something from happening especially by making somebody feel afraid or anxious.
- avail : to make use of something useful or helpful while you have the opportunity.
- abrasive : using friction and roughness of texture to smooth or clean a surface.
2Literary terms :
- "It was a puzzle of brown boards" ( metaphor; comparing the house to a puzzle. )
- " He was mad as hell, with fire in his eyes" ( similie )
1Overveiw sentence :
- -She has expereinced an inceident that may be worst than her mother beating her & will most definitely be the changing point of her life.

Friday, April 24, 2009

! numero cinco !

Why were all floors seperated by three steps? - What is symbolic about the number three? - If it is even symolic.


Who was Aunt Cora dressed up for? - Why did Jean describe how Aunt Cora was dressed and then mention how nobody else was there but them two? - would Aunt Cora be trying to impress the cook or one of the others?

If I am reading right there were drunk black people ("negores") outside and they were making a lot of noise and causing a ruckess.

They set the house on fire. (I am assuming it was the drunk negroes)

Myra was supposed to be with Perrie but she wasn't - and as a result of that when the back was set on fire his crib was burning while he was in it.

Maybe Myra set the back on fire.

"I saw tall flames shooting up to the sky..."

Peirre may be dead.


Sunday, April 19, 2009

numberr four !


She is never referred to by her name when spoken to or about.

This family is fairly wealthy, they have maids and servants.
they are hated on because of their interacial status.

I do not know why but this is written verry confusing & I am having trouble understanding.

She does not feel safe in her home

what is her name?

Should she be reffered as Jean when i comment about her because she is never really referred to by her name?

Is she sayiing that without Mr.Mason her mother wouldn't be alive?
Is Mr.Mason her step father?

merciful- showing mercy or compassion to somebody
ringlets- a spiral curl of hair
tamarinds- a pod containing many seeds within an acid-tasting pulp.

Literary terms
"I heard bamboo creak again and sound like whispering."